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Listening and changing makes us better


No power will be weak with unity, no decision will be blocked with listening, no direction will be wrong with following times. In the middle of November, there were employee surveys about feedback in our company from grassroots employees to decision-making leaders, and the average interview time per person is about 20 minutes. In this way, we fully understand the working status and needs of employees. Based on the feedback from employees, our production models of packaging have changed. We transformed the original assembly line into a group production model, with the number of people in each group from 12 to 5. It can improve work efficiency and internal cohesion. More importantly, it is also more adaptable to the needs of personalized and small orders. Besides, it sincerely shows the best part of our company, particularly our high quality products and service. The traditional model is more suitable for products with large batches. But for small batches, there are some shortcomings, such as low efficiency, material errors, demanding turnover. For employees, it is not a Long-term solution. Employees will lack of development. People who engage to mechanized operations are prone to feelings of boredom and fatigue, and their sense of accomplishment will also be reduced. In the meanwhile, they will be difficult to adapt to the transformation and adjustment of positions. Finally, the sense of distance and the problem of low cohesion will arise. With the development of trading on the international platform, the model of orders has changed. There is a trend towards small but multiple batches, and the demand for customized products that highlight corporate characteristics is growing. Therefore, it requires a more flexible organization which can serve customers and meet customers’ needs to undertake similar orders. After investigation and discussion, our production model has been changed to a group of 5 people. The collaboration of small groups will be more efficient, the skills of each employee will be more diversified, and it will be more adaptable to the diversified production of customized products. And for employees, fatigue will be relatively reduced with the adjustment of work content, which will also make them more aware of our company's various products. At the same time, they will also have a sense of belonging and purpose due to the centralized responsibility of small organizations. We look forward to changing and growing under the trend of the times, looking forward to our company becoming better and providing better services to customers everywhere.

Witten by Wendai Xie

Reported in Yuhuan Gee-N Sanitaryware co., Ltd

2021, Dec 15th

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